Tube Caps Options

The plastic tubes market is almost entirely supplied with standard specifications, decoration providing the basis of promoting your brand.

Caps are available in solid colors which can be matched to Pantone references, and are offered translucent at various levels of tint. Matt and gloss finishes are also available.

There are 3 basic styles of tube cap:

  1. Screw Cap (Gloss or Matt)

  2. Orientated Screw Fliptop Cap (Gloss or Matt)

  3. Orientated Screw eye dropper Cap (Gloss or Matt)

    AAPI is continually expanding its range of standard caps and can arrange a wide range of specialist caps including:

  4. Lightweight flip top

  5. Bi-injection flip top cap

  6. Tamper-evident shrink sleeve

  7. Tamper-evident strip

  8. Metallized

  9. Foil block banding

  10. Hot stamp Caps